Live Well

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing has two main aspects: feeling good and functioning well.

Feelings of happiness, contentment, curiosity, engagement enjoyment are characteristic of someone with a positive experience of their life.

Functioning in the world with positive relationships, having a sense of purpose and some control over your life are important attributes of wellbeing.

Research shows that there are five themed areas or ways to wellbeing where positive actions will contribute to and boost feeling of wellbeing. Each of these themed areas or ways will have a positive impact , being aware of  and a combination of all 5 will provide a rounded contribution to feeling good and functioning well. Some of the themed areas or way you may feel you are already consciously employing in your everyday approach to life and so you may select just one aspect to focus on. Sometimes it is useful to remind yourself and review…

Five Ways to Wellbeing Self-Assessment

Why not check out what your wellbeing score is by taking the self-assessment quiz?