Patient Participation Groups

Every practice in our area has a patient participation group. They provide valuable feedback about the services patients receive. Listening to patient feedback helps us to challenge providers to improve the quality of the services that are provided. Each locality will also create its own patient forums.

See a list of all AVCCG Member Practices Patient Participation Groups.

The models emerging are of a combination of public and stakeholder meetings, frequent locality-based patient participation group meetings, and representation at the locality group meetings. These meetings and networks are linked and driven by the patient groups in partnership with the locality groups.

Each Locality meeting will have in a patient representative from each constituent practice to ensure that patients are fully engaged in the development of commissioning initiatives and the management of services.

The north locality has a well established patient and public engagement mechanism including patient representation from each member practice at every locality meeting.

NHS Buckinghamshire has developed excellent relationships with local partners, stakeholders, and patients over the past years.

They have helped inform the commissioning of local health services using a variety of patient and public engagement models including a citizens jury for priority setting, focus groups, formal consultations, on-line surveys and individual patient input to service re-design and specifications.

We are building on this by developing a locality approach to PPE and reviewing and continually improving our stakeholder and population maps, and developing a cohesive patient engagement model.

Plans are already in progress. Our main focus will be the use of peoples‘ and patients’ experience to inform commissioning at a local level, led by each locality clinical lead.

How we are improving our services

  • by developing a locality approach to patient and public engagement
  • by using the media to inform the public
  • by supporting developing relationships with local partners
  • by developing digital communications
  • by supporting local and national campaigns

One of the proposals in the Health and Social Care Bill 2011 is that each local authority will have a statutory duty to set up a Local Healthwatch in its area. These would replace Local Involvement Networks in April 2013.