Let’s Talk Health Bucks

Let’s Talk Health Bucks is a new public and patient forum supporting the Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to run their online engagements, consultations and surveys. It will give you the opportunity to have your say and let us know what you think about the local health services provided.  Aylesbury Vale CCG and Chiltern CCG are responsible for commissioning (buying) most of your hospital and community health care services.

Join with us

join_imageHave your say and get involved in online engagements, consultations and surveys

Ask a Question

yoursay_imageWe welcome you to ask questions at our Board Meetings. Anyone may ask a question about the agenda items.


events_imageWe hold public meetings in each of our localities in order to discuss developments and seek your views.

Change your Preferences

preferences_imageIf you have already joined us, you can update your personal details or edit your preferences here.

Youth Engagement

youthengagmentWe want to hear from young people who have views and experiences they are willing to share to help us shape health serviced across the Aylesbury Vale.

Health and Diversity Calendar

events_imageThis calendar shows Health Awareness events, Religious Observances and Equality & Diversity events, along with Buckinghamshire County Council’s key campaign dates for 2017/18.

Communication and Engagement Plans