CCG Merger plans

Aylesbury Vale CCG and Chiltern CCG are anticipating a formal merger to come into effect as of 1 April 2018.  As part of an NHS England published procedure for such a merger, which includes a formal application process, we are undertaking a period of patient and public engagement.

This page provides an opportunity for you to comment on merger plans – specifically 11 legal tests that the CCGs’ application must evidence consideration of. This engagement as part of the application process is not a formal consultation (as may be otherwise applicable to service re-design).

A link below will take you to a survey, hosted by the SurveyMonkey website, allowing you to provide comment and feedback. Survey responses will be received by the CCGs Corporate Governance Lead who is leading the merger process.

What do I provide feedback on?

NHS England’s published merger guidance requires the CCGs’ formal application to merge to include assurance that stakeholders have considered the following legal tests

  1. the five tests consistent with the NHS Act 2006 and the Regulation
  2. the further six tests for merger which NHS England considers relevant to one or more of the matters set out in section 14C(2) of the NHS Act 2016.

Further information on these legal tests, along with supporting background information, can be found in a case for change briefing here  The legal tests can be found in section 3 on page 2 and section 4 on page 4.

Please click on this link to complete the survey.

Why now?

A merger is the next logical step to form a single statutory body with one rather than two separate constitutions.  The CCGs federated last year, and while they are currently two statutory bodies, they work very closely and share many functions – a merger will formalise this arrangement and lead to greater efficiencies.

What next?

The survey will be open to comments and feedback from 12 June 2017 to 7 July 2017. A summary of the feedback received will be included as part of the application required by NHS England by 31st July 2017, with a final decision expected by the end of September.

Any additional comments, queries or questions can be submitted through the following CCG contact details:

Russell Carpenter, Corporate Governance Lead; Telephone: 01494 586771; Email:

Equality Impact Assessment

Details are also provided below on an Equality Impact Assessment undertaken, further details of the findings from which can be provided on request. No patient group covered by the nine protected characteristics is anticipated to be disadvantaged by the merger proposals.

CCG Merger – Equality Impact Assessment – For Information